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Dimmu Borgir and The Strumbellas bring new tunes to Rock Band 4 | TheXboxHub

We’re used to a wide variety of musical tastes being catered for through the Rock Band 4 library, but I’m not sure we’ve ever had a week in which two new additions are quite so diverse. That’s what we have here though as Dimmu Borgir and The Strumbellas move themselves onto Rock Band 4.

Delivering Norwegian symphonic black metal and alternative country respectively, Dimmu Borgir and The Strumbellas are the latest additions to the Rock Band 4 catalogue, pushing out two tunes that threaten to once again ensure that the band is brought back together. 

Priced up at £1.59 for the Dimmu Borgir offering, and with that from The Strumbellas coming in at just £1.19 are the following tunes…

As has been the case since the beginning of time, in order to see yourself given the chance to rock out with either of these tunes, you’ll need to visit a digital store of your choosing. Of course, our focus on the Xbox world sees the Xbox Store the preferable point of interest, but should you be banging out the tunes on PS4 as opposed to Xbox One, then the PlayStation Store will provide the same opportunities. 

If these two tunes don’t appeal, or aren’t quite to your musical tastes, then previous weekly additions will most certainly sort you out. There is a wide range of tastes well catered for with the Rock Band 4 DLC add-ons, and so chances are high you’ll find something that is worth a shot.  You will of course need the base game of Rock Band 4 on Xbox One or PS4 in place first.

Whatever you decide to pick up this week, make sure you let us know about it by posting in the comments below. You can also find us frequenting the usual social channels – just hit us up on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. We’d love to hear from you. 


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