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Female voice assistants are sexist argues new UN report

Obsequious, coy, and above all female virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, and the Google Assistant are a widespread example of sexism, a new UN report argues, blasting gender bias coded into tech products. The use of default female voices for digital assistants, and their programmed reactions to insults and inappropriate requests, could be contributing to a growing gender gap, it’s suggested.

Animal Super Squad update adds new vehicles, mode, and editor tools to Xbox One version

Indie publisher Digerati is delighted to confirm that an update for Animal Super Squad on Xbox One has been released, adding a new game mode, two new vehicles, a selection of editor tools, and a few choice tweaks for good measure to developer DoubleMoose Games’ physics-based adventure.

‘Dead Cells’ Sales Top Two Million, “Rise of The Giant” DLC Now Available on PS4, Switch

It took a while, but Motion Twin’s Metroidvania Dead Cells has hit the lofty two million mark in sales. In celebration, Motion Twin also announced that the game will have a 20 percent discount on the Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store.

Dimmu Borgir and The Strumbellas bring new tunes to Rock Band 4 | TheXboxHub

We’re used to a wide variety of musical tastes being catered for through the Rock Band 4 library, but I’m not sure we’ve ever had a week in which two new additions are quite so diverse. That’s what we have here though as Dimmu Borgir and The Strumbellas move themselves onto Rock Band 4.

Scuf Debuts Prestige Controller As An Alternative To Xbox Elite

Image Source: scufgaming (screenshot)

Scuf is known for making controllers that enrich and improve the gaming experience. Last year the company released a controller for the PS4. Now it has announced a new controller for Xbox One fans called the Scuf Prestige.

Super Tennis Blast fires the aces to Xbox One | TheXboxHub

If you’re going to launch a tennis game, there are two ways of going about it. You can be all serious, grab the biggest real-world names and throw them into a simulation of one of the world’s greatest sports, or you can just go crazy, deliver up some cartoony visuals and add-in a ton of power-ups. In Super Tennis Blast, the latter is being embraced.